Founder, Developer and Maintainer

Software Architect with 15 years of experience writing software in various technologies ranging from Python and Ruby to Spring Boot and Scala. I got introduced into the Open Source world in 2002 and it was love at first sight. Started my Linux journey with Red Hat Linux(much before it became Fedora) and then switched over to Ubuntu in 2006. In 2007, read Linux from Scratch and every since LFS and BLFS have been the way of life.



Rakesh is a self-taught big data and .NET expert with over 15 years of expertise in development and corporate training combined. He uses his technical prowess to build custom distributions for organizations and train professionals on Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning. When he is free, he works on PrathamOS.

Building and Maintaining a distribution is a task that needs massive efforts and despite the team being a one man show, it would be great to have more helping hands. If you would like to join the development of AryaLinux and contribute in any way - development, translation or testing, drop in an email at