We are very proud of AryaLinux and also proud of all that went into making AryaLinux what it is today. Though the first release of AryaLinux came out in 2015, the work that went into the release of 2015 started as early as 2001.

It so happened that during my college days, a good old friend of mine mocked me when I said that I want to build an operating system. That was when I was learning how to do programming in Java and the Internet was still a luxury in India and I used to love cricket more than computers. Having never had a degree in computer science, I had to do a lot of research to learn how to build an operating system. To help me in the daunting task was my own dial up internet connection and the whole wide world web.

It took me 2 years to come up with a command line based operating system wriiten in C and assembly that could run a small program that would print hello world on the prompt of the very incapble shell of the Operating System. Had to read through a lot of stuff ranging from Silberscatz Galvin and Tanenbaum, interrupt tables and the one and only Bran's kernel development tutorial to get there. I also ended up writing a small keyboard and vesa based graphics driver also. It was around that time that another friend of mine introduced me to Red Hat Linux and I was hooked.

It used to take a lot of sleepless nights those days to just make RedHat play mp3 songs from CDs but RedHat was my first Linux and helped me learn a lot about Linux and the open source world. In the next few years, I switched to Ubuntu and started working on remastering Ubuntu to build my own distro. Even though I created one, the open source world still used to appear intimidating enough to me to release it. In a few months after creating my own mix of Ubuntu, I still wanted to learn more about Linux and that's when I bumped onto Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux from Scratch which was a portal to a completely different world altogether.

I manually compiled my first LFS in 2 weeks and then gnome 2 desktop environment in another 2 months. In 2008, at the end of it, I had an OS to flaunt which could play songs using xmms and videos using xine. I wanted to automate the whole process so that it would'nt take so long the next time I wanted to build it. jhalfs was too difficult for me to understand and use and so I created a build script out of my bash history to build the second version. From then every time I got a chance I would work on enhancing the build scripts to build better versions till a releasable version was ready in 2015.

From Rourkela to Delhi and from Delhi to Bangalore, AryaLinux has been developed all overy India as I used to travel a lot, being a corporate trainer by profession before I settled as a software engineer; and being an ex distro-hopper myself, I always envisioned building a distribution with the goodness of all of them. So in AryaLinux you would find the Indian flavour, the Indian way of doing things and the spirit of my great nation. That is why its named AryaLinux(Aryavarth is what India used to be called in the past).