VirtualBox and VMWare

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  1. Installing VirtualBox and VMWare in AryaLinux
  2. Running AryaLinux inside VirtualBox
  3. Running AryaLinux inside VMWare

Installing VirtualBox and VMWare in AryaLinux

Installing VirtualBox and VMWare in AryaLinux is pretty straightforward. Before installing VirtualBox and VMware please install the kernel-headers package.

alps updatescripts
alps install kernel-headers

After that you need to download the VirtualBox or VMWare installation binaries from their website and give it execute permissions.

chmod a+x /path/to/vbox-or-vmware-binary

Run the installation binary. These binaries are self extracting archives and they tend to install VirtualBox or VMWare in AryaLinux if the kernel-headers are installed successfully and found.


Running AryaLinux inside VirtualBox

You can run AryaLinux inside VirtualBox by either running it in live mode or installing AryaLinux in your virtual hard disk. In order to run AryaLinux in live mode, download the AryaLinux Live ISO of the desktop environment of your choice from the downloads section.. Once downloaded create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox. Here are few screenshots of the Virtual Machine's settings with the recommended options:

On starting the virtual machine you would see the grub OS selection menu, where choose the default option. In case you are not able to boot into the default option, then choose the 2nd option to see the logs as the machine starts. The Live mode logs right into the desktop and lets you test the OS without installing it. Please keep in mind that vbox additions are not installed in the live media. In order to install VBox Additions, you need to install AryaLinux into the hard disk and then install the vbox additions. Please note that after installation, to boot into the system using the VDI hard disk and not the ISO, you need to remove the ISO from the VM's Drive.


Running AryaLinux inside VMWare

The process to run AryaLinux inside VMWare is almost the same as running it inside VirtualBox. It might be a bit tricky to run AryaLinux in EFI mode. To do that you need to edit the .vmx file for the newly-created VM and add the line: firmware = "efi" at the end. Then restart the VM.