AryaLinux installation failing with message: NameError: global name 'subprocess' is not defined

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  1. The Issue
  2. The Cause
  3. Solution

The Issue

When you try installing AryaLinux on a system with an MSDOS type partition table, it fails.


The Cause

Due to a typographical error, the installer fails while installing AryaLinux on a System with MSDOS type partition table. The issue has been fixed in the remote repositories and all the installer needs to be updated in order for it to work.



To fix this issue all you would have to do is patch the installer in the Live system with the fix in our development server. In simpler terms, once you boot into the Live system, connect to the internet and run the following commands from the terminal:

cd /opt/installer-new
sudo git pull

Now go ahead and run the installer again and it should work fine this time.